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Our very own escape to the countryside

July 2007 – One sunny and rose tinted glorious afternoon deep in the Lincolnshire Countryside…

For the first time ever, we are sharing our life with Real Nature, and something amazing is happening to us…

This is much more than rose-tinted glasses and impulsive decisions: it’s a sweet and glorious day. It is the beginning of our life-changing transition. It is the marking of many moments together when we can spiritually acknowledge being part of God’s boundless creation.

If we are to live in this new environment, we must learn how to share. Not to change the beauty, but to give generously, as Nature does with us. Even the tiniest bud on the smallest flower in our garden has its own turn in The Great Almighty’s plan.

We are learning to respect Nature… And we are learning, wherever we are… to inhale, to savour, to take notice, to listen, to feel our internal response, to acknowledge, natural life:

Our God is in all things. It took us both some time to realise this.

And this love is for our receiving, if we choose…

through faith, integrity, but most of all, through true love.

Be blessed.