Our Books

Learning from experience…

Barrie and I first wrote and published two books to try out self-publishing. I can remember the feeling of holding our hard work in the form of a book. It felt amazing. But gosh, when I look at the content now and try to read it, the last thing I would want is for anyone else to cast eyes on it! My goodness, the writing is so amateurish. But I remember at the time it felt uplifting to hold a book that we had written and published ourselves. It was a great way to learn the first steps in self-publishing.

Joining a writers group and meeting other authors helped improve my reading and writing. This led me to write up diaries of our cottage renovation, Breakfast On The Patio, and then 2 books about psychotherapy, Jaynie and The Client’s Dance. Little did we know that each stage in the process would be a completely new and separate job: A writer, an editor, a hirer of editors/proof readers/beta readers, an administrator, a typesetter, a computer technician, a computer programmer, a proof-reader and re-writer, a cover designer, a distributor, a salesperson, a marketeer, a social media expert, a magazine writer, a speaker, a website builder, and the list goes on. The writing was a mere drop in the ocean followed by a lot of re-writing and effort to get our book known and recognised …to eventually make around 50 pence per year! But as many authors would agree, we don’t write wanting to make lots of money. The process of externalising and sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings in a metaphorical maze of whimsical magic and imagination can be life transforming and satisfying to a person. The money is a bonus, at least it is to me. And if writing the words has this kind of cathartic effect upon the author, what could the reader experience as they digest the published version?

For me personally, being on the autistic spectrum, it helped and became my therapy to such an extent that I felt compelled to make the characters from one of my current books, and the characters village too, and their belongings! This is an ongoing project, along with 3 other draft ideas about psychotherapy.