Breakfast On The Patio

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Our most recent review: July 2022..Their experience and transition from urban to rural life shows that it takes sacrifice, trials and hardships to achieve such lofty dreams. I am reminded of what it is for Christians to turn their backs completely away from their old nature to attain salvation with Christ. It can be very painful, discouraging and may cost one their family and friends! It will also take a lot of trying times to get used to the new way of life in Christ. With determination, faith and endurance, the couple get to reap the efforts of their labour of resilience, resolve and hard work put into Honeysuckle Cottage and their garden, the way a new believer achieves finding grace to live the expected life of a true believer in Christ.
There are lots of eye-openers, lessons and advice for home buying, parenting, relationships, keeping various farm animals, the true significance and worth of being in tune with Mother Nature, naivety about country life, adapting to one’s choice in a positive mind-set with determination and imbibing some valuable country life culture [completely lost in city life] which are glaringly hinted in the book. There are recipes if you please, for your delight or for breakfast on your own patio! Of course too, a vast knowledge of DIY skills saves a lot of money and helps one survive anywhere!
. (Thank you Sophia!)