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Writing a book, keeping the secret

I would sooo much love to tell you everything about the books I am writing, each one is very exciting to me. They are close to my heart. They make the child in me skip around and jump for joy, they make the teenager within cry, and then evolve – tears evaporate and she too dances around. They make the young woman feel closer to God, more than ever before – her heart slows to the beat of Holy Power, and she once again feels strong and uplifted. But if I tell you all about each of the manuscripts, that will be it, you’ll know, and the excitement will deflate like a leaky balloon. So I need to somehow contain this frustration and transform it into motivation to get the bloomin’ things finished! Then, at last I can share them with you.

So, here’s a picture of my dog.

2 responses to “Writing a book, keeping the secret”

  1. JM avatar

    We will patiently endure until release.


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