Therapy Talk

Hello, my name is Paula and I am a qualified – since 1995 – person centred counsellor with psychotherapy skills. I am an Accredited Member with the International Society of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and a member of the Association of Christian Writers. I occasionally volunteer for a local church where I help clients who are struggling or need a listening ear.

My therapeutic experience and qualifications are as follows: Person Centred Counselling, Neuro Linguistics (or the study of subjective experience, non verbal communication and language patterns), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy TM, Transference and Counter Transference, Counselling Clients on Medication, Unconscious Processing, Working with Arts in Therapy, Relaxation/Mindfulness Groups, Professional and Personal Boundaries, Growing Free From Manipulation and Controlling Relationships, Mediating & Facilitating Couples in Therapy, Understanding Autism.

I have past experience of working with clients at a well women centre and the well-known mental health charity, Mind.

When I trained to become a counsellor, it was imperative that each pupil had a good amount of life experience before being accepted onto the course. And we would agree to attending a minimum amount of personal therapy for ourselves before working with clients. Personal change can be very helpful in deepening sensitive empathy and compassion for another person.

I have helped women grow strong after domestic abuse situations, be free of drug addiction, change co-dependency to self-reliance, change low self-worth to working towards a purpose in life, understanding and facilitating manipulative relationships, and finally, process stuck emotions in bereavement.